Financial support


Not being the financially minded type, it came as a bit of a shock when my hubby could no longer take charge of our accounts, bills and budgeting. It’s taken a year and half but I have just about organised myself and learnt some things along the way. It’s been a real challenge as although I am Alex’s next of kin, this did not give me the legal right to access his accounts, pay off any credit cards or even sell our jointly owned home. It took a good year to gain deputyship (power of attorney) and cost a whopping £5k for the privilege!

My first piece of advice to anyone dealing with a brain tumour is to make sure your next of kin can make these arrangements for you should you become unwell enough (whether for a short time or more longer term). This can be done for less than £150 and relatively quickly if you both sign whilst well.

For some people, situations can change almost overnight leaving you facing so many challenges, including financial ones but there are people who can help. Contact organisations like the wonderful Headway for emergency assistance. In some cases they can offer you support for things like travel etc which in my case was costing £300 a month in just parking fees.

In the long term, make sure you access all of the relevant benefits. This was a minefield for me as different people offered us varying advice. Do by all means try Citizens advice but they didn’t tell us anything we couldn’t find out online. Better still, book an appointment with the local Jobcentre who will run through all your options. These could be: ESA (Employment Support Allowance – once sick pay runs out), PIP (Personal Independent Payment – only available once you have been discharged), tax credits/ child credits, free car tax if you have been left with a disability (and obviously a blue badge!) and several others.

These websites may help:

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